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Let Us Embrace the New You with our Post-Surgical Compression Garments

Post-surgery compression clothing is recommended by plastic surgeons to not only aid in the healing process, but to actually accelerate it. Our line of latex-free compression garments are designed to:

  • Minimize swelling and fluid build-up
  • Promote skin retraction and body contouring
  • Enhance comfort during recovery
  • Improve the success of an aesthetic procedure

Buying just any compression garment won’t do. To benefit the most, you should purchase a properly fitted medical garment with optimum compression and a comfortable fit to promote healing and a smooth recovery. With sizes ranging from Small – 2XL, our compression garments are designed to fit most every body.

Patients: Making a seamless transition to recovery and to the new you has never been easier. Lipo-Garments offers the very best post-surgical recovery garments. From compression pants to breast augmentation wraps, we have it all. Shop by a particular garment style if you know exactly what you need, or shop by procedure to explore the options you may have for your recovery clothing. We have compression clothing for after liposuction surgery, brachioplasty, breast augmentation or breast reduction, buttock lift, tummy tuck, abdominoplasty and more.

Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons: Fit your patients in the best medical grade compression clothing on the market. Made with high-quality, comfortable and durable material, our line of compression garments offer uniform compression, breathable fabrics, wide waistbands, foam-lined zippers and external seams for comfort. As a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, you know exactly what your patients need after surgery to promote the best post-surgical outcome.

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